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Hi-Tech 2K Wet on Wet Filler 6:1

technical datasheet
Product code:XF1007
Warranty:12 months
Rating: ( 2782 ratings )
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1,05 L set with hardener 27.95
3,6L 84.40


Multipurpose anticorrosive filler for wet on wet application. It contains fine, inert fillers with low oil absorption to provide both insulating properties and easy application. It creates a very smooth surface due to high flow and levelling properties. This product is characterized by well-adjusted viscosity and needs no additional thinner for good application. It is tintable with max. 5% of Pigment Paste Black XM0012. Suitable for use on new panels (electrophoretic substrate doesn’t need sanding) or damaged panels.  If used as wet on wet version, it creates a fill and insulation, non-sanded coat applied directly before basecoat. If used as sanded version, it is suitable for multi-step repair with polyester putties (small transport damages and dents).


Wet on wet version:

Mixing ratio 6:1 by volume. If needed, add up to 10% of thinner for acrylic products (but it’s not necessary). Use Acrylic ThinnerXM0002. Mix thoroughly. Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,2 – 1,3 mm in 1 normal coat. Wait 15 - 20 min. at 20°C before basecoat application – it’s time for solvents evaporation. After 20 - 25 min. at 20°C small imperfections can be removed with P600 dry or with P800 - P1000 wet. If top coat is not applied within 3 days, the surface must be matted with sanding pad.

Sanded version:

Mixing ratio 6:1 by volume. Mix thoroughly. Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,3 - 1,6 mm in 2 normal coats. Flash off time between the coats 5 - 7 min. at 20°C. Sand dry with P400 - P500 or wet with P800 - P1200. Drying time is 20 min. at 60°C or 3 - 4 hours at 20°C.


It is not recommended to use this product below 18oC. 

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