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Establishment of ReCorp s r.o.

ReCorp was established for the purpose of development and production of chemical materials for paintwork on utility and passenger motor vehicles with the aim to fill up a gap in the market in the offer of quality paintwork products in the Central European market.

The result of long-term research in the market as well as in laboratories was finally a high-quality product named   TRIXXAL. This product is not just filler; it is a new trademark competing for a custom in the market of Central Europe these days.

Nowadays, you can find many interesting products in the TRIXXAL portfolio that would persuade you by exactly reflecting the requirements and needs as for the quality of materials as well as value for money and low time consuming. In the situation when customers are not willing to pay anything extra it is very pleasant to know there is TRIXXAL allowing the paint shops to work with reasonable profit again without any fear of the deterioration of quality of work by reason of poor quality material.

The assortment of the offered materials ranges from degreasers through fillers, clear sprays, masking material, hand-held tools, grinders, polishers, chemicals for lacquer treatment up to the complete technological units for paint shops. Thanks to a wide variety of the offered goods and services, every automotive painter can find the best tool for himself/herself and material he/she would like to work with.

The philosophy of our company is: to be handy for a professional public with an offer of the most suitable material and tools that would provide as great profit as possible and at the same time also a user comfort and the supplies of the goods directly to the customer.