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Hi-Tech 2K Filler 4:1 Grey XF1091

technical datasheet
Producer:ReCorp, s.r.o.
Product code:XF1091
Warranty:12 months
Rating: ( 3803 ratings )
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3,6L 54.76
1,25L set with hardener 22.33


Hi-Tech 2K Filler 4:1 is very fast drying filler. It has got very good application properties – excellent levelling and filing. It is dedicated for fast and small repair. Excellent sanding properties without clogging of sanding paper. Hi-Tech 2K Filler 4:1 gives corrosion protection and very good adhesion.  Manual or machine sanding dry.


The surface must be cleaned, dry, degreased and matted. Mixing ratio: 4:1 by volume. Mix thoroughly. Apply with a spray gun with nozzle diameter 1,6 – 2,2 mm in 1 - 3 normal coats with 5-7 min. flash off at 20oC between the coats. Drying: 15-20 min. at 60oC, 2,5 - 3h at 20oC. Sand dry with P400 - P500 or wet with P600 - P1000.

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